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TWA Thank You......
Frank Nobile

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TWA would like to thank everyone who attended the 2017 launch season at Richard Bong Recreational Park. We would also like to recognize Tim and Jackie Lehr from Wildman Hobbies for their dedicated service at each launch. TWA strives to provide a safe and memorable experience at every event.
Once again, Kevin Harnack provided outstanding photos for the TWA website. (Kudos to Kevin)
Thanks to all for a safe and successful launch season. We appreciate your support.
See you in January.


Sep 25, 17 1:40 pm

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Thanks Frank... I make photos for a living so its natural to 'hide behind the camera' when a rocket is being launched. More importantly I would like to thank Bob, Peg, Carol, Randy and anyone who has stopped out to help set up, clean up or even helped out a first time flyer get the help they need. We are a small club and we really do function thanks to the people who help volunteer even if it is in the slightest way. Thank you.

Sep 26, 17 7:21 pm

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Thanks Frank, Bob, Peggy, Kevin, Randy, Carol, Dan (will miss you buddy!), Wildman, and all the other contributors.

It was a great launch this past weekend; had a blast. The season was great, man, can't wait to do it again!

Love it! Thanks a million!

-Eric C-

Sep 27, 17 6:38 am

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